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new Glitoris mixtape is dopalicious.


1.23.12 - *NEW* Glitoris Radio!

A playlist featuring our office’s top tracks from the previous week. The list is compiled from music scrobbled between our office computers, via iTunes &

1. “Metropolitan Tribe” by Thomas Azier 3:26 
2. “The Dazzle” by Trust 5:16 
3. “It’s My Part” (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix) by Jonquil 6:15 
4. “Sail Away” (Cut Copy Rmx) by The Rapture 7:24 
5. “Circumambient” by Grimes 3:43 
6. “Paddling Out” by Miike Snow 3:38 
7. “Work It” by Eli Escobar 4:07 
8. “Gravel Pit” (Flume Remix) by Matt Miller x Kilter 4:10 
9. “Take It Out On Me” by Chairlift 3:54 
10. “Brothers” by Tanlines 4:08 
11. “Smoke Signals” by The Tenant 4:29 
12. “Comeback Kid” by Sleigh Bells 3:01 
13. “Traveling” by Tennis 3:02 
14. “NEEDSUMLUV” (SXLND) by Machinedrum x Azealia Banks 2:30 
15. ” I Fink U Freeky Die Antwoord 4:43 
16. “Big Mouth” by Santigold 3:11 
17. “Ima Read” feat. Njena Reddd Foxxx by Zebra Katz 4:02 
18. “Basic Bitch” (Erin Brockobich Mix) by Purple Crush 2:57 
19. “Pussy Bill” by Khia 3:56

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